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What is Full Grain Leather

5 reasons you should choose FULL grain leather


In a world full of imitations, isn’t the idea of owning something so real, so true and so natural appealing? This is how we feel at GRAMS28. Owning one of our pieces translates to being part of that product's story; something taken from its rawest form and sculpted into something beautiful.

The leather we use in our products is produced from the finest grade of cowhide, full-grain leather. The difference is in its outstanding appearance, feel, and durability. Due to full-grain leather coming from the top layer of the hide, it has been exposed to the elements, is strong and it tells its own unique story.

A top quality hide

Full-grain leather is from the uppermost layer of the animal hide and is the finest form of leather material. As it is taken from the strongest layer of the hide, the leather is very challenging to work with and takes the finest, most experienced artisans to manipulate into shape. This level of expertise will guarantee you a unique and high quality product.

In our quest to give you transparency in our production process, you can benefit from knowing exactly where and what your leather is sourced from.

Strong and Durable

Being from the outermost layer of the animal hide, the dense fibers in full-grain leather have more strength and durability. Despite the rigidity of this leather, full-grain leather is still breathable even after light aniline or vegetable tanning techniques are used to gently stain the leather. This is very different from lesser grade leather which is sanded down and given a thick coating of finish.

A unique patina develops over time

Like a good bottle of red wine, a piece created from full-grain leather will improve with age and handling, developing its own unique patina. This glossy sheen and natural darkening process can only really be achieved through age, use, and exposure to sunlight.

Like you, 

no two hides are the same

The word natural shines through with full-grain leather. If you look carefully there may be small irregularities, such as a healed scrape where the animal brushed against a harsh plant or bumped into another animal. These slight irregularities are incorporated into our pieces to showcase each product's natural individuality and handcrafted nature. 

At GRAMS28, we embrace these irregularities as that is exactly what gives something that unique, one-of-a-kind look, making every one of our products unique.

Can use for decades

Character is something we all strive to develop, so why should your leather goods be any different? Unique markings in the leather are created through use, show individual character and indicate a quality product that has been used for decades. With proper leather care, the durability of the material will make it virtually indestructible, even with daily use.

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