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Elevated Carry

Elevated Carry Collection

Experience style and sophistication with the upgraded versions of GRAMS28’s bestselling sling bags.

Classic luxury and functional legacy form a perfect union in GRAMS28’s Elevated Carry collection. Appealing to the style-conscious and adventure-hungry, this highly anticipated collection of bags is made to be easy to style and convenient to use. Featuring two different sizes to choose from, these new sling bags are created to fit gentleman travelers with different needs and packing styles.

Highlighting the brand’s commitment to bringing high quality, luxury experiences to everyday living, both the 154 City Pack and 153 Sling Mini are versatile and stylish pieces suitable for regular commuting or longer journeys. Handcrafted with full-grain leather from Gruppo Mastrotto in Italy, the collection stands out with its timeless design and impeccable functionality.

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154 City Pack
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