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What is EDC?

EDC, or Everyday Carry, refers to the items you carry every day – at a basic level, the things that you keep in your pockets, on your person, the things that you want to have with you at all times. But EDC can easily be expanded to different situations, including EDC for your office, your vehicle, for travel, for first aid, etc.

Building your own EDC is not only practical, it can be a fun and insightful way to get to the core of you who are and what you want to be capable of.

Basic EDC

Everyday carry basic, often called EDC basic or basic EDC, refers to what you carry at all times, day-in and day out. A basic EDC often includes things like an EDC wallet, EDC knife, EDC flash light, your phone, a watch and one of the many EDC multi-tools available. Your basic EDC gives you confidence that you can handle most situations you find yourself in on a daily basis.

Office EDC

If you work in an office setting, there are certain tools that are indispensable for productivity – and other items that can enable you to get the job done even in less than desirable situations. Some of the most useful EDC office items include a quality paper notebook (tried and true, and never going to run out of battery power), a well-made pen, coffee mug, in-ear headphones and a battery pack to charge your devices.

Vehicle EDC

VEDC means being fully prepared for the unexpected, like vehicle breakdowns, severe weather, etc. Because you can carry it all in the vehicle, you can be much more comprehensive. A solid EDC vehicle list will include water, food, fluids for the vehicle, jumper cables, basic tools to work on the vehicle, gloves, empty gas can, multi tool, rope, first-aid kit, road signal (flares, LED), extra clothing for bad weather, toilet paper, fire starter and a paper map of your area.

Travel EDC

Your choices for travel EDC will greatly depend on where you are going and what you will have available when you get there. You will also have to consider whether you want to check a bag or not – there are a lot of common EDC items that will not make it through security, like knives and other sharp objects. Common travel EDC may include a tactical pen, flash light, para cord, multi tool, fire starter, whistle, paper map, battery pack for recharges, watch and phone.

Survival EDC

Your survival EDC should include all the basics you will need to survive in the area you expect to be stranded, such as woods, mountains, coast, etc. What you carry and how much will also depend on whether it is a car survival kit, just on your person or a kit in an EDC bag. Phone, fire starter, flash light, cash, watch, pen and paper, multi tool, food, and water should all be included.

First-Aid EDC

An EDC first aid kit at its most basic should include hand sanitizer, sterile gauze and tape, disinfectant, a clotting agent, pain relievers, antihistamines and topical antibiotics. You can expand your kit based on the area you are in – like the weather you may experience – and how you are carrying – like in your car vs. one of your EDC bags.

Having Fun With Your EDC

Your EDC should be practical, but it should also express who you are. Once you start down the EDC road, you will probably never stop customizing your kits!