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7 Tips to Grow a Beard Faster

Beard styles come and go, but one fact remains: few things make a guy look more manly than a beard. However, if it’s your first time, you might have questions about how to grow a beard if you can't, grooming tips and ways to grow a beard faster.

If you’re looking for beard growing tips, you’ve come to the right place. The following is an overview of how to grow a beard as well as tips on beard style, men hair grooming, and beard oil. You’ll get insights about the best beard brush, comb, grooming kit and men hair grooming product selections as well. 

It turns out that the top beard growing tips and how to grow a beard faster are linked with nutrition, lifestyle, and carefully chosen supplements and products. You’ll also need beard oil and men hair grooming product selections such as a grooming kit, beard brush, and comb. 

Use the following 7 beard growing tips to grow a beard faster

Keep it looking full, healthy, manly and awesome.

1. Optimize Your Diet

Hair and beard growth requires the ideal vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients in order to fuel keratin growth. Healthy carbohydrates and fat help to promote beard growth. The ideal diet for your beard is 50 percent healthy carbs (vegetables and whole grains), 30 percent healthy fat and 20 percent lean, hormone-free protein.

2. Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

For optimal beard growth, get at least seven hours of sleep per night, lower your stress levels, avoid alcohol and do regular weight training in the gym. Avoid chemical exposure from processed foods and personal care products.

3. Take Beard-Stimulating Supplements

Consider taking vitamins and supplements that support DHT and testosterone production. Some of the possibilities include B6, zinc, fatty acids, magnesium, herbs and amino acids like serine. Check with your doctor or naturopath to confirm the beard-supporting right regimen for you.

4. Use a Microneedler (Derma Roller)

Microneedling your beard area can also help to stimulate growth. Microneedler like the Derma Roller pokes extremely tiny holes into the skin which improves circulation and assists key hormones and nutrients in getting to the area. Collagen and keratin are also sent to help repair the skin, and this, in turn, stimulates beard growth.

5. Take Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a prescription-free pharmaceutical that has been shown to stimulate hair growth. However, it can also help with beard growth. Brand names include Rogaine and Kirkland.

6. Try Red Light Therapy

The use of a red light laser has been known to increase testosterone levels, which can in turn boost hair growth and quality. For best results, aim the light at your beard area for 20 to 30 minutes daily in a range of 630 to 850nw.

7. Care and Conditioning is Key

Once your beard starts growing in, optimize your beard style by using a high quality, well-reviewed men hair grooming product line. You might also pick up a grooming kit that includes a beard brush, comb and beard oil.

Trying to grow a beard faster or determine how to grow a beard if you can't be frustrating. However, there’s really no shortcut to beard style and success. Use these seven beard growing tips to pave the way to having the beard of your dreams!