For MacBook Air / MacBook Pro 13”, iPad Pro 12.9” (1st and 2nd)

$200 USD$200 USD
$200 USD$200 USD

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As a direct-to-consumer brands located in Hong Kong, a majority of our customer base (84% to be exact) stem from every corner of the world. Due to our much loved made-to-order products and our product customization capabilities, managing worldwide shipments, and guaranteeing on-time delivery can prove challenging. That’s why we can’t make too many promises regarding delivery times during the holiday season.  


Our gift cards are available in the following USD denominations: $20, $50, $100, $150, $200, or $400.

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    You’ll receive an email with the gift card after purchase. Forward it to your friend, or print it off. Then they just type the code on the gift card in the gift card section during checkout. 

    Can payment be split if a product costs more than full amount of the gift card?

    Yes, any remaining balance beyond the amount of the Gift Card can be paid using our regular payment options.

    Can I use two gift cards to cover the cost of one purchase?

    We can’t currently process this at checkout (we’re working on it!), but if you’d like to redeem more than one gift card at once, you can contact our customer support team. Otherwise, the remaining balance of a purchase can be paid using one of our standard payment options.

No expiry date and delivered directly to your inbox.

The Last-minute Gift

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