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Terms and Conditions

This lucky draw (“Lucky Draw”) is organized by Right my wrong Limited (the “Organizer”). By participating in the Lucky Draw, the participants shall be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions. Promotion period starts from 00:00:00 on 10 November, 2022 to 15:59:59 on 1 December, 2022 (both days inclusive) (called “Promotion period”).

2. The Lucky Draw is open to individuals who successfully purchases any item from Grams28 (www.grams28.com)(an "Eligible Participant”), during the Promotion period.

3. Staff employed under Right my wrong Limited or its affiliates (“affiliates” means any person or entity directly or indirectly controlling, controlled by or under common control with Right my wrong Limited) are not eligible to participate in the Lucky Draw.

4. Winners of the Lucky Draw will be drawn on December 7, 2022 among the Eligible Participants randomly.Participants will have a chance to win:

iPhone 14 Pro 256GB Space Black (1pax)

5. Each single purchase record can only participate once.

6. The result of the Lucky Draw will be announced on the Grams28 Website (www.grams28.com), and published in Sing Tao Daily and The Standard on December 16, 2022. The Winners will also be notified by SMS and / or email via the mobile phone number and / or e-mail address according to organizer's record.

7. Organizer shall accept no responsibility for not being able to contact the Winner; for unsuccessful delivery of SMS and/or email due to inaccurate, invalid or incomplete contact information of the Winner in purchase record; or for any failure of the Winner to receive/redeem the Prize after successful delivery of SMS and/or email.

8. Each Winner is required to redeem the Prize in person according to the instructions provided to him / her by the Organizer via SMS and/or email.

9. No Winner is entitled to request for any alternative gift or payment of cash in substitution of his / her Prize.

10. The Organizer is not the supplier/manufacturer of the prizes of this promotion. The prizes are provided by the Organizer on an “as-is” basis. No express or implied representation or warranty or guarantee whatsoever (including but not limited to whether those prizes are suitable for any intended or implied usage) is provided by the Organizer. Any query or complaint regarding the prizes shall be made directly to the relevant suppliers/manufacturers of the prizes. The Organizer shall not accept any liability in terms of any bodily injury, loss and/or damages whatsoever incurred to any party, directly or indirectly, due to the use of the prizes.

11. All participants must comply with the terms and conditions of the promotion and shall ensure that the information of purchase record provided is true and correct and have not used information of any third party without the relevant consent. The Organizer will disqualify any participant/winner who failed to comply with the above.

12. All interpretation of these terms and conditions shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of the Organizer. In the event of any dispute arising from or in connection with the Lucky Draw, organizer’s decision shall be final and conclusive.

13. Winner need to present order confirmation email to redeem the prize. 

14. In the event of inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version of the contents of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail. The Chinese version is for reference purpose only.

15. Trade Promotion Competition Licence No:56328


1. 此推廣活動的主辦機構為Right my wrong Limited(以下統稱“主辦方“)。透過參加抽獎活動,參加者被視作已閱讀、明白並同意此等條款及細則。推廣期由2022年11月10日0時0分0秒至2022年12月1日15時59分59秒止(首尾兩天包括在內)(以下稱「推廣期」)。

   2. 凡於推廣期內在網上商店 (www.grams28.com),購買任何產品人士(「合資格參加者」)均即已參加抽獎活動

   3. 屬主辦方之員工均不可參加是次推廣活動,以示公允。

   4. 所有抽獎活動得獎者(各為「得獎者」)將於2022年12月7日在合資格參加者中隨機抽出。

       參加者有機會贏取: iPhone 14 Pro 256GB 太空黑色 (名額1名)

  5. 每個單一有效購買紀錄最多只能參加一次

   6. 得獎名單將於2022年12月16日刊載於網站 (www.grams28.com)、及在《星島日報》及《英文虎報》刊登。得獎者亦會以其購買記錄下的聯絡資料透過短訊及/或電郵方式獲得通知。

   7. 主辦方不會就未能聯絡得獎者,或因得獎者的聯絡資料在主辦方購買紀錄中不準確、不正確或不完整而未能成功發送短訊及/或電郵通知得獎者,或得獎者於短訊及/或電郵成功發送後未能收到/領取獎品而承擔責任。

   8. 得獎者必須按照主辦方於短訊及/或電郵所提供的指示親自領取獎品。

   9. 得獎者不得要求以其他禮品或現金代替其獎品。

   10. 主辦方並非是次推廣活動獎品的供應商或製造商。獎品以「原有情況」提供。主辦方並無任何不論是明文或隱含的保證、陳述或擔保,其中包括但不限於任何有關獎品的適銷性或適宜於某一特別用途。如對獎品有任何申訴,請直接向相關獎品之供應商或製造商提出。對於得獎者因使用獎品或其相關服務而可能引致的任何直接或間接傷害、損失及/或一切後果,主辦方均毋須承擔任何責任。

   11. 參加者必須遵守主辦方本條款及細則,並保證購買紀錄所提供之資料均為真實且正確,且未冒用或盜用任何第三人之資料,如有違規者,主辦方有權即時取消其參加及得獎資格。

   12. 主辦方對本條款及細則擁有絕對解釋權。如出現因抽獎活動而產生或與之有關的如有任何爭議,主辦方作出之決定將為最終決定及不可推翻。

   13. 得獎者需要提供訂單購買紀錄領取獎品。

   14. 此等條款的的英文本與中文譯本文義如有歧異,概以英文本為準。此中文譯本只供參考用途。

   15. 推廣生意的競賽牌照號碼:56328